True Beauty Kdrama Wallpapers HD

True Beauty, which is based on the same-named Line Webtoon, follows a high school student who, after experiencing bullying and discrimination because she was thought to be ugly, learns how to use makeup to transform herself into a stunning “goddess.”

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The most interesting thing about the drama is that it talks about “physical appearances” and how it makes people feel when they don’t meet society’s “standards.” It sends the message that looks aren’t everything. What matters most is a person’s personality, and we should always love ourselves instead of trying to change for other people.

Even though there were a few bumps along the way, True Beauty ends with a great ending that ties everything up in a nice little bow. Even though the show won’t win any awards, it has a light, fuzzy tone and enough funny moments to be worth watching.

The romance is fun to watch because Joo Gyung and Su Ho fight a lot and also have a lot of deep moments together. It takes them a while to figure out how to talk about how they feel, but it’s fun to watch them get there. Then we see a nice growth in their relationship.

This is the kind of drama where people often don’t understand each other and don’t always talk to each other very well. So know that before you go in. It’s just part of this kind of story, though, and everything else was done so well that it’s a big problem.

People were so excited to watch this drama for many reasons. One of these reasons is Cha Eun Woo, who is becoming a huge star. People were thrilled when they heard that he would play the main role. No one had any doubt that he was the right person for the job.