Business Proposal Wallpapers HD

Shin Ha-Ri is the main character. She agrees to go on a blind date in place of her friend, but when she gets there, she finds out that the person she’s going on a date with is her boss at work.

Here are some Business Proposal Kdrama Wallpapers of high quality that you can download on your computer by right-clicking the image and clicking on ‘Save Image As’ option.

Here are some high-quality Business Proposal Kdrama Wallpapers that you can download and set directly as your phone’s lockscreen or homescreen wallpaper. For this, you have to download the Android app.

There are a lot of things to like about a show that doesn’t spend most of its time on a love triangle but instead focuses on the two couples. Both sets of actors have amazing chemistry, and it helps that they’re all very likeable.

The second main couple is just as charming, if not more so. In the first half of the show, they get all the attention and the most romantic scenes.

The animations in the show were also top-notch. It used a lot of flowers and dinosaurs to show how different people in the show were related to each other.